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Complete product test capabilities- functional electrical test, vibration, burn-in, and in-circuit testing to verify production quality and functionality. Test fixtures/jigs, either built in-house, or customer supplied.

IC programming, off-line through universal /gang programmers or in-system serial programming.

Special processes include: glue dispensing, epoxy potting, conformal coating, RTV application and other electrical and mechanical operations. Conformal coating with UV, Acrylic, silicon, or PU based materials. Potting with black, natural, or special epoxies matching customer specifications.

Equipment includes:

  • In-Circuit Testing
  • HV Tester
  • Functional Test Jigs/Fixtures
  • Universal and Gang Programmers for Off-Line Programming
  • In-circuit, Serial Programmers/tools.
  • Digital Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies 0-300V
  • Vibration Test
  • Temperature Cycling Chamber
  • Power Up Test
  • Drop Test Machine
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