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Electronic Manufacturing Services in India refers to the outsourcing of services associated with engineering design, fabrication and assembly of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), electronic cable assemblies, and other electronic subassemblies. Manufacturers can benefit from having their electronics designed and manufactured at an established, qualified facility that utilizes global resources available from a facility in India rather than relying solely on in-house capabilities.


Cost effectiveness is one of the primary benefits of Electronic Manufacturing Services in India. From a budgetary perspective, it simply makes sense to enlist experienced professionals who can manufacture electronic assemblies with the same or higher level of quality that can be attained internally. Another key benefit is the speed at which projects can be completed when Electronic Manufacturing Services are in place.


Electronic Manufacturing Services are useful in any situation involving the manufacture of technology where either time, quality or both are essential. Providers of Electronic Manufacturing Services in India have facilities that are entirely dedicated to product development from the ground up. However, they can also be used to supplement existing production runs as internal manufacturing capacities are stretched.

For instance, when a product is already designed but a large order is needed, it would be helpful to enlist Electronic Manufacturing Services from India.

A variety of industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive, instrumentation, emergency response, commercial and consumer products can benefit from the incorporation of Electronic Manufacturing Services in India into their business plan.

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